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During the social distancing measures imposed in response to COVID-19, CCL is following government and public health authority guidelines to keep our employees, clients and supply chain protected and safe. To continue to service our clients, we are collaborating and progressing projects using IT platforms and established processes to ensure that clients experience no reduction in the quality of service.

CCL Spännarmering is one of Sweden’s leading post-tensioning providers and part of the international CCL group which provides specialized engineered solutions for structures throughout the world.

Based in Västerhaninge, Stockholm, a dedicated team of engineers and operational staff use their knowledge and expertise to provide the optimum solution for your prestressed concrete construction project. Using the latest construction techniques and ideas CCL Spännarmering will ensure their solution is tailored to meet your specific needs.


Used to stabilize or secure structures, retaining walls or slopes, post-tensioned rock anchors transmit forces from the structure into the ground in which they are anchored to counteract uplifting forces.

CCL Spännarmering manufactures permanent or temporary rock anchors and strand anchors at its facility in Stockholm.

Rock Anchors

Permanent rock anchors are used for applications where the service life of a structure is designed to be greater than two years. The strand is entirely encapsulated to provide high levels of corrosion protection. The service life of permanent rock anchors can be up to 100 years.

Rock Anchors

The service life of temporary rock anchors is limited to two years. For this reason, they have reduced corrosion protection and simpler detailing. They can be designed to be extracted when no longer required, for applications which demand their removal.


Used in different applications including geotechnical, post-tensioning and traditional reinforced concrete, stressing bars can be used as a temporary solution as well as a permanent solution with a lifespan of up to 100 years. They are mostly used in shorter spans but can be easily elongated to required lengths without affecting the load capacity.


CCL Post-tensioning Systems are designed to overcome the natural weakness of concrete in tension and take advantage of its strength in compression.

Manufactured to the highest standards they are used in prestigious buildings throughout the world. They include the XF flat slab bonded and the XU monostrand unbonded systems.


Used to stabilize walls and/or cores of buildings, vertical post-tensioning absorbs horizontal loads resulting in the reduction
in the number of stabilizing walls to create a more flexible internal layout. It is based on the same concept as horizontal
post-tensioning and is commonly used in buildings with more than three levels in conjunction with post-tensioned or precast slabs.
Drawing on the experience and expertise of its Danish parent company, CCL Scandinavia, CCL Spännarmering is able to undertake
vertical post-tensioning of concrete wind turbine towers to stabilize the structures and transfer loads into the foundations. The towers can be constructed in-situ or prefabricated and provide an efficient alternative to steel structures.


CCL Post-tensioned Slabs can deliver substantial benefits for architects, engineers and contractors allowing them to build more innovative and efficient structures and overcome the design restrictions of traditional reinforced concrete.


Post-tensioned beams are most suited for applications where longer spans, greater load capacity or enhanced crack resistance is required.

They are often utilised in transfer structures where tendons can be profiled to balance dead load and control deflection at mid-span.


CCL Spännarmering undertakes the post-tensioning of civil structures including bridges, tanks and wind turbines.



The use of post-tensioning in bridges provides enhanced crack resistance to improve structural durability and accommodates heavy loading requirements. Longer spans with fewer supports can be achieved which enable the design of more imaginative, elegant structures.


Post-tensioning is used in tanks to increase the strength of the structure and provide greater control of cracking and deflection. In order to optimize the thickness of the concrete walls the horizontal bonded or unbonded post-tensioning systems can be embedded into the support columns of the structure.

Wind Turbine Foundations

CCL Spännarmering designs, manufactures and installs rock anchor foundations for onshore wind turbines which are tailored to suit the specific soil conditions and which efficiently combine steel reinforcement and concrete to reduce costs and minimise environmental impact.


To accommodate changes in use or revised loadings, CCL Spännarmering can undertake strengthening work using external post-tensioning.

This technique can increase capacity, control deflection by creating upward forces and provide additional strengthening to increase axial load. When damage to existing tendons has occurred, external post-tensioning can be used to rehabilitate the structure.

and Services

CCL Spännarmering offers small project services such as machinery and equipment assembly, grouting operations and the tensioning of anchors.

These are carried out by a group of experienced and highly competent technicians based in Stockholm. The company stocks a wide selection of stressing bars and strands as well as post-tensioning anchors and accessories. CCL Spännarmering will ensure that the appropriate level of corrosion protection is provided to suit the environment of the project.

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